Sunday, November 15, 2009

snowmen in july-like-weather in november

"you should go look outside your door (you'll probs have to actually go outside and look) and look around you stoop. legit. the sooner the better."
so like right before i got your message my roommate comes by and tells me.. dude there is snow on our porch. and i was like *insert name here*... haha how do you know where i live?"

*backstory, or as much of it as i care to give before going to bed because it's much later than when i went to bed last night.
he canceled on me friday night to go look at the pretty sky in the freezing cold. (it was wicked clear and really pretty and i saw a shooting star. totally missed out, he did.)
went to church tonight. saw him there. was in the process of convincing girl (who may or may not get a name at a later point in time) to go build snowmen with me. tonight. and though it was below freezing friday, it's mid fifties tonight. she thought i was crazy. he didn't believe me that there was snow and went home.

obviously, you should trust me when i'm giggling like a five year old.

Edit: I just realized I didn't address the whole 'how do you know where i live?' thing, but that's probably left for a better time when i actually feel like typing.
my arm is kind of tired from carrying a rather large chunk of snow/ice for twenty minutes.

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