Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well hello there. This is going to be a place where the posts will be short, but hopefully frequent and recent. (I never noticed how well those two words go together before.)
Some of them will not make sense.
Many of them, probably. If you dislike this, then I'd recommend finding some travel blog or cooking blog or humor blog (cakewrecks and craftastrophe are two of my favorites, but more on that later perhaps?). Those usually make sense. And are kind of hilarious.

I probably won't type proper English all the time. I tend to leave out capitals. Feel free to be a grammar nazi, but it won't get you very far.
(Have you ever noticed that when you put a backslash "/" between words it means "and/or"? Which in turn means "and and/or or"? And etcetera ad infinita until you realize that you should probably have something better to do with your life besides finding infinite loops that are really more infinite linear progressions.)

Thought of the moment: I love the view from my window. Actually, pretty much any window. Except for the ones that have terrible placement and show you a brick or stone wall. If it's a grassy wall, I guess it's acceptable. But really: I love views. Of roofs, of houses, of mountains, of trees, of brick buildings, of the sky. Give me a good sky (which is any sky, really) and I'll be happy for the day. As long as I remember that, I'm happy. Because there's always a sky above me and it's always some shade of some amazing color, any time of day.
Sure, you can throw some religion in there and say the Creator created everything and is perfect so everything is perfect so of course that makes perfect logical sense.
But really, you don't need religion to appreciate something amazing.
Just accept that it's pretty. It doesn't really matter why. Revel in what your senses tell you. Enjoy everything around you. Might as well.

(oh look! bold! how... bold.)
This says I posted it shortly after 5am. This is not true. I'm asleep at 5am. Everyday practically. Without fail, except for those occasional days when I'm awake. The internet lies to you. I'd have made that a gerund, but spellcheck told me it didn't exist as a word.
Why would the internet ever lie to you? It's like you can't trust anyone anymore. Come on, internet. I expected more of you. Aren't you stalking me? Shouldn't you get your facts straight?

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