Saturday, March 6, 2010

Delayed Much?

So, I owe a post about the dream I had that totally rejects the title of the last post. That dream happened the day after that post.
So it's been awhile.
But life is busy. So I don't feel bad. And it's not like too many (read: any) people are hanging onto the edge of their seats to see what I dream about!
Exclamation point totally necessary.

But that dream will come later because I still don't feel like typing it all out. I did, however, type the one I had last night out. So here's that (partly: the dream it's from involved me meeting the family of husband-to-be-and-he-even-agrees-but-we're-not-dating well, the siblings he doesn't have. And so I was hanging out with his (not his, but she was in the dream) older sister and we were watching TV and this show was on. I met his half-asian brother, too, but that guy was a jerk. Like, he seemed quiet and I was like "um why don't we just chill and read books in the same general vicinity" and that was fine and then later he was like "it's all about the money" and "let's tell people we're dating, even though I would never date you for real". ... There was also someone else who might have just been a friend who was, like, trying to take my socks off (I hate people touching my feet) and I wouldn't let husband-to-be tell him that I didn't want him to touch me because I was sure that 'friend' would just try harder to annoy/piss me off. )

But, the show.
(This is a copy and paste from an im conversation, again, so just go with the lack of capitals and whatever pronoun use there might be)

i juts had a dream and it involved this tv show called Short Stories (look, I made sure to remember the title!) and it was really awesome and it was about this uncle who was in charge of this really big house estate thing and the nephew who should be in charge figures it out and is like 'hey, i'm going to take over now' and the uncle is like 'prove that you have the right' which involves this rube goldberg machine that takes up the entirety of the 'great hall', if you will, and it was really awesome.
because, you know, the rube goldberg thing was made back in the day when the person who left it to nephew/nephew's father/etc died and nobody's been able to figure it out because each piece has something off with it and you need to fix each piece and there are tons of pieces.
and as time went by, more things fell apart. so, like, tracks are simply disconnected and stuff.

they (nephew & co) started off by looking at a piece in the middle and it was this spiral ramp thing, probably about... 6ft? tall with a really low slope and it had a bunch of figurines on it. like a ton. and a bucket with three pies in it.
so they figured out that the point was to get the three (uncooked) (and yes they're really old, they figured that out too) pies into the next part of the machine (which was a block, probably suspended over part of the hall place, with a bunch of different squares with different colors and symbols/pictures on them.
and there was one that was made to look like a microwave oven
and they guessed that the point of the first was to get the pies into that part of the second
so they tried just running the part of the spiral part that made the pie bucket move but it, because everything is old and was made to not work unless something was changed about everything, missed and then someone said "well, they were 50+ *insert number here* year old pies. probably wouldn't have turned out that well anyway"

and they wouldn't have, but it matted what kinds of pie they were, as they will find out later.
and then that episode involves them tracking down what possible kinds of pies they were. but it'll be like a week later and all the pie goop is gone so they have to guess the grandfather/whoever left the place to whoever's favorite kinds of pies or the favorite kinds of pies of peopel who were important enough that their favorite kinds of pies were involved
i don't really know too much about that episode though
it wasn't the one i saw in my dream.

there was also a part where they were in this icy old place (kind of like artic pyramids? not made of ice, though, but the place they were in was cold and icy/snowy) and they had to go underground and they took some piece that they needed for some part of the machine (like one extra figurine) and then had to get out right away before the guards got them
and as they were getting out and putting the tablet covering the tunnel/staircase they used to go where the figurine was the guards got there.
they happened to be giant statues of cats or something.
i dunno exactly, because the tablet was put down on them and the people got away.
but i think the uncle was there too, so what probably happened (not a part of the dream though) was the kid figured out that he needed this figurine and where it was and how to get there and find it and the uncle tagged along to make sure he doesn't find it.
because when he completes the machine, the uncle loses the estate

um... i think that was all.
and this wasn't even the dream i had right before waking up. this was one where i woke up at like 4am.
and i still remember it.
pretty epic, eh?
but yeah. a show like this could go on forever and legit like never end.