Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I've been up an hour and a half and have yet to decided if it's good or not. It seems kind of average to me.

I had some of those "almost normal" dreams last night, so no Barnaby tales.

:My 11am was canceled. I don't have an 11am. That's when I go eat lunch. Except, today I'm not even going to eat lunch until afternoon, so I really don't have anything to do right at eleven. I would be mildy depressed if my lunch was canceled, though. I love food. It's usually delicious and you kind of need it to, you know, live and everything.
So yeah. Food's pretty fantastic.

:I was sick and wearing a sweatshirt and someone went to hold my hand and I was all like "oh, hold on a sec" and I folded back the sleeve of my sweatshirt so the sickness wouldn't be spread to them. I don't know how that would help, but hey! Someone wanted to hold my hand. Scandalous.

:The random stranger who I kind of accidentally made fun of about thinking the pumpkin icecream was gingerbread flavored added me as a friend on Facebook. Without me ever telling him my name. Or me knowing his. Yet I knew it was him.
(Dear strange boy: I am sorry I seemed disbelieving and somewhat mocking of your belief that the pumpkin icecream was gingerbread flavored. I'm sure you know what pumpkin tastes like. And gingerbread. But not really, I guess, because you told me it was the wrong flavor after having some to eat first.)

Yesterday I was all prepared and everything: I looked at to see the forecast for the day so I would know whether or not to wear a sweatshirt.
It told me the high was 65 (F). So I did not wear a sweatshirt. I failed to realize that the low was in the 40s and that it would be overcast the entire day.
I wore a T-shirt. It was chilly.

Maybe some wit later? Probably not, seeing as how I kind of should get some work done. And do networking calls. And stuff.
Yeah, I'm cool.

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