Monday, November 9, 2009

Needs a Name

We can't go around with our Main Character going unnamed! How will we distinguish him from all the other characters? Saying "Main Character" over and over is so annoying. And long. So he must be dubbed something. It has to have a good ring to it. No main character here named "John Smith." We just can't have that! He's going to save the world! Or at least his favorite girl. But that's in the future. At the moment, he only needs a name, not a plan. Something heroic, strong, and brave. A full name (and not barbarian. We aren't going to have Oolog here. Or Nak. Or Vladimir. Any character with a name beginning with "V" is bound to end up evil, or least easily swayed. So no Vlad. Maybe something easy to remember? So he is obviously Main Character. Not 'a', not 'the', just "Main Character." There can be no other, after all.
There's a concensus. He must have a name. But what name? It should have a meaning, but who has baby-naming books on hand? Certainly not Author. What if he were to be abbriviated? M. C. But that's already an abbriviation of an accepted phrase, so we can't use that. Well then, something that can be shortened to the same thing? Michael, who resembles God. Not religion! Can't have that in a popular novel. Unless it's made up, of course. But no, no Son of God here. Meyer. Farmer. That's a good one. Starting from humble beginnings our hero rises to shine! It also means 'bright one,' so it works well for that. Meyer it is! And what of his last name? Well, he's a hero. There are the Enemies trying to hunt him down and hurt or maim or kill him. He cannot be too easily found. So his last name shall be "C." Until the mysterious stranger who knows all about his past (and humble beginnings) shows up to reveal his knowledge and offer The Clue That Brings It All Together.
Meyer C., the farmer who saves the world. Well, when he saves the world nobody will know that he was a farmer. Unless his skill at throwing haybales becomes the undoing in the Enemies' plans, and then it will all come out. And the lass will not love him for he was only a farmer! But she, ah, she was just a milkmaid, captured by the Enemies for her innate natural beauty, so she can truly understand him. And his skill of throwing haybales.

I've officially joined Nanowrimo. Check it out if you're so inclined, but you're nine days behind. Then again, so am I. Let's see how this works out, hm?

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