Friday, November 13, 2009


This isn't realyl a post on libraries in general like it probably should seeing as how that's the title and all. But it's not. So if you want to read about libraries, you should probably find somewhere else to go.
It's more about door holding. But not even that, because I have a good rant about door holding (well, like a paragraph, maybe, depends on the day) and this isn't that.

I just walked into the library (to use the computer! to look up a book! and not play Farmville like some other people!) and some guy (so, somebody I didn't know) saw me coming and stood there and held the door as he was leaving for like thirty seconds. Which is kind of a long time to hold the door for somebody. Like, I was a good three yards away. But probably not. Because I'm terrible at judging distances (not that that matters because I'm awesome at everything else. Except spelling.). But it wasn't passive aggressive door holding (where the person is obviously annoyed that they have to hold the door for you even thought they totally don't have to hold the door for you). And when I said "thank you" he said "no problem."

I think I like him.

But, kind of like Omegle, though I know what he looks like (okay, that part's not like Omegle), I will most likely never see him again. Unless he turns out to be involved in something I involve myself in.

I like people who are willing to hold the door for some random person even though it will put them out all of thirty or even fifty seconds of their time and they don't look aggravated about it and actually respond if you thank them and maybe even smile.
I don't know if this kid smiled because I don't make eye/face-contact with strangers for longer than like half a second, tops.
But he sounded happy enough when he (*gasp*) responded with his 'no problem.'

But, no matter how earth-shaking this was, I should probably get to what I was coming in here to do in the first place.

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