Sunday, January 31, 2010

Probably closest thing I've had to a nightmere in ages

you were in my dream last night
how so?
you came for a visit
but i was at home
and we were taking random musical instruments out of your car
and my dog wouldn't shut up
so i let him sit in the front yard
and there was a stream of school buses and dogs down half my street and around a corner
and my dog wandered closer to them, so i yelled at him and he went to the porch
and then he ran away and joined them
so i ran after them
and around the corner, they vanished.
it was sad.
and then, i was sitting in the tenant's kitchen with my parents and my dad was like "i think janet's outside calling for him"
way to make my dog run away.
Im sorry!
oh, and there was something about all the dogs (and the schoolbuses, i guess) going to heaven, like 'all dogs go to heaven' and my response was "no"
and then i woke up

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