Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh, um.

So it looks like it's been a month since my last post in this 'daily' posting bloggy thing.

Could I convince you that, perhaps, it has not actually been a month? See, it's been a month for you but not for me, and I'm really the only one that matters. In order to be a blogger, you have to have an over-sized ego, you know.

Here I am.

I'm kind of distracted with trying not to sneeze all over my keyboard, though, which isn't even my keyboard since my own computer is in another state, along with the power connector thingy to my external, so this really isn't at all my own, so this will be another disappointingly (to me, at least, probably enhearteningly) short post.

But, with an eye to saying "I have epic dreams, aren't you jealous? Yeah, you should be.", a quote, from a dream that was probably several weeks ago, but oh well I remember it now and that's all that matters, right?

"I feel like a ninja!"
"I'm only a ninja when I'm a gamer."
"When I'm a gamer, I never die!"
"Seems like a good plan, think you could make it work for me, too, right now?" (not part of the dialogue. but there was something to that effect)

If you take A to be the first person speaking and B to be the second, then A, at the moment when there was dialogue (really! in a dream! almost never happens. to me, at least), was hanging onto a rope attatched to the mast of a medium-sized sailboat and was flying out behind it because, for some reason, this particular sail boat can sail fast enough so the movement of the air suspends a full-grown male. B is on a small life boat, surrounded by the seven soulless (which sounds capitalized when people say it, but it isn't in actuality) who are in the water after having jumped off the larger boat to follow him and, hopefully, to them, eat his soul. The seven soulless (or The Seven Soulless, as a character would say) are children, or were at some point in time before they lost their souls. They eat the souls of real live people and make them dead. They do not make them into other soulless. There have always been and will always be "The Seven." Consonance and all that, you know.
There's a captain and another adult on the larger sail boat, watching them and generally trying to encourage the crew to go faster to escape the soulless. But there's only so much you can do with wind, you know. Or maybe you don't. But now you do, eh?

I swear these posts make sense to me while I write them.

Oh well. Just read it again and eventually all the bits will fall into place if they haven't yet. It's all in text there and, unlike the poem of that awesome guy, will not disappear.

I have not read the poem of that awesome guy, for the record. I just thing he was a literary genius to bring media into the format of his work.
That is, when originally published, his poem, which was something along the lines of "an ode to the dead" or something, to some loved family member I believe, though I am probably incorrect in that belief, was printed onto normal paper. With heat sensitive ink that faded rather quickly/ over time once exposed to the air. It late came out in a digital format where the CD deleted itself as the poem was displayed on the screen. (Or maybe that was just in his plans? I'm pretty sure it happened.)

I found out about it through TVtropes.

That's the post. We'll see when the next time I think of writing something is. Hopefully directly after another epic dream.

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