Thursday, February 3, 2011


The house I will live in will have a dining room, even if we never use it.
I won't be living alone.
There will be a room with large windows, but probably small with not much else in it. A solarium, if you will. (The light of the large windows and the ability to bask in the sun when it's available will make up for the lack of insulation / possible heating bill increase.)
There will be hard wood floors.
Hopefully, there will be a basement. If possible, it will be accessed by a trap door and be filled with play pen balls (the hard plastic ones. And they won't be nasty because there won't be random children with their random germs playing in them).
I will have a room, tiled or with linoleum on the floors and at least a foot and a half up the walls. I will then get giant rolls of paper and spread them along the walls and cover the floor in several layers of paper. Then I will get water-based paint. And then there will be loud music and old clothes and rolling around and laughter.
I will have a large dog and it will be fluffy and it will be named Alot because of Allie Brosh.

I will leave the country as soon as possible and for as long as possible, but for a limited time.

Hey, me, remember when?

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