Thursday, June 17, 2010

It wasn't as bad as it reads.

The auditorium:

I was with a group of people and we were walking along a hallway trying to find room 1014 or something. We walked past a door labeled 1012 and were like "oh, we're close." Then there was a bulge in the wall 'cause a room was kind of in the hallway and we had to walk around it and then the numbers on the other side were like 1018 and we couldn't find the room we were looking for. And then we were in it and there was someone talking and the dream continued, but I don't actually remember that part.

The title dream: (aka, knees)

Backstory: I fell and basically shattered my knee cap. A little. Like, it was in a bunch of pieces, but still all together. But that wasn't part of the dream.

So I could walk on it and it hurt a little but not that much, but I tried not to put weight on it because I thought that would just make it worse and my knee would be destroyed.
My mother took me to this Asian doctor who spoke pretty good English, but he kept lasping into worse English / a combination of Chinese and English.
He was really nice as he pulled out a scalpel and was explaining what he was going to do. He cut my knee open and asked my something about blood, but in French, and so I just responded "No." And he said "You had a very vehement answer there, but I think, in fact, you are bleeding" and gave me a tissue thing to wipe my knee off. And then he cut it open more.
Then he called my mother back into the room and was like "So, see this part here? This is the broken part" and kept talking and explaining and poking at my knee with the scalpel. Then my grandfather and father were called in because apparently they were there, too, and he started explaining my knee to them. And he said how I should come back in tomorrow and he'll work on it more.
By the time he was done talking to them, my knee had mostly healed and I was like "Oh crap, he's going to have to cut it open again."

Well, the end. I haven't had what I'd call an epic dream recently (those which make the best stories), but the knee dream seemed pretty good.

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